We are ecstatic to finally share with you this monumental project we have been working on. Dopeafide has brought together four empowering women to bond over their love for cannabis and for themselves. These women have strived to influence others around them with their boldness, tenacity, and their strength. The series “Marygold” was created to highlight those features and remind others about the golden qualities they have in themselves.


Women have inspired and blazed trails through the cannabis industry. To thank for that,  we have the courage of hundreds of female pioneers and the newly budding business structure that we have engineered.  In fact, the cannabis industry has not been on the map for very long when we think about how far our relationship with the plant goes back in time: especially in the lives of women.


Cannabis has been used by women for thousands of years for cramps, childbirth, depression, and pain. Although this plant is a natural remedy to all human beings, I wanted to focus on a woman’s experience with cannabis to highlight the nurturing qualities this plant offers and the power we are able to manifest in ourselves; to help show that we can use cannabis as a tool to change a day or even a life.


Therefore, 50% of all proceeds from print sales from this collection will go to Women for Women International, a nonprofit group that focuses on aiding marginalized women in conflict areas such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Nigeria and South Sudan with skills, research, and knowledge to create better job opportunities, health, and support networks.


Sales will be accepted for this collection over a two month span as we work to spread art, awareness, and love throughout our community and the world.


Thank you all for taking the time to read our campaign and for potentially taking part in this cause. Men, you are our allies and we’re happy to have you be apart of this movement as well.


Project end date: September 16th, 2018


Goal: To donate at least $5,000 to Women for Women International

Donations are sent on a monthly basis (2 installments)


Model Credits go to..

Elicia “Leci” James (@leciijames)

Ryan Romano (@ryanromano)

Lacey Hines (@afrocannaqueen)

Brooklyn Walsh (@brooklynandplants)


Preroll artwork by Elicia “Leci” James


Photography by Dopeafide, LLC.


Link to nonprofit page:



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