If you’re like me and the seasonal changes in Portland really hit you like a ton of bricks, don’t worry, I’ve vetted the overcrowded dispensary shelves and found the perfect products to get you over your quarterly slumps. Throughout the year, I get hit with seasonal allergies, congestion, head colds, sinus infections, fatigue, and depression which just leaves me miserable and unmotivated. After trying more flower cultivars and other cannabis infused products than I can count over the past 6 months of being the purchase manager at a dispensary, these are the companies and products that I suggest using to kick most of the year’s hard hitting ailments quickly to keep you fresh on your toes and ready for the next day.

  1. Empower Bath Salts 16 oz.

Empower is a women owned company that specializes in cannabis infused topicals and bath products. These aromatic bath salts contain Pharmaceutical Grade Epsom salt, Dead Sea salt and Pink Himalayan salts, organic jojoba oil, almond oil, and grape seed oil. Users can rest easy knowing they will be engulfed with essential oils such as Wintergreen, Bergamot, and Oregon Lavender. Soak 20 minutes and experience the healing properties of the cannabis concentrate which includes THCA, THC, and CBD. I typically use this over 2-3 days time and am not only more comfortable as I heal, it seems to rapidly speed up the process of kicking my colds.

2. Sweet Cannabis “Phoenix Tears” Syringe

Being a company with people first and high quality cannabis products a close second, Sweet Cannabis really delivers when it comes to clean processes and potent products. One of their lines, Nu (which means natural in French so I’m told) produces syringes with THC and 1:1 whole plant ingredients. Although this product can be a little tricky to perfectly portion and the oil can stain hands and mouth, the oil packs a health directed punch and will knock out my congestion and coughing in just a few days. To me, using whole plant oil is like eating spinach vs. taking a Vitamin A tablet. You’re getting everything the plant has to offer instead of just one important vitamin. To further my point, the entourage effect is about using the entire cannabinoid profile so that molecules can work in harmony, synergizing and healing multiple ailments. As a bonus, a lot of the negative side effects are canceled out. I’ve used this product sublingually, on warm cookies, and in fruit smoothies. You really just can’t go wrong with it.

3. “Jack Herer” flower from Frontier Farms

I’m enthralled with this flower and it’s not because of the famous name. I’ve tried many a "Jack Herer"coined bud and this one most certainly takes the cake. Sitting at a comfortable 15.99% THC, this cultivar is heavy in terpinolene which is a unpredictable terpene that inspires energy in others and sedative effects in others. But consistently, it produces the floral notes associated with many Jack Herer strains and is an antioxidant ( Second most, the flower is heavily influenced by the terpene B-Caryophyllene which is found in black pepper and is an anti-inflammatory whose scents can drastically range from cloves to hops to even a sweet wood scent. Whether it’s the balanced cannabinoid profile, or the super charged effects of terpinolene and b-caryophyllene, this strain is my go to anytime I’m feeling under the weather. To me, it produces a pungent sweet lime scent and instantly alleviates my seasonal blues with an uplifting, yet comfortable high. After suffering from sinus infections, the flu, and seasonal allergies for the last six months, I’ve been feeling extremely grateful to know about a farm that is not only clean green certified, but also produces readily available terpene reports and easy to read informational handouts displaying profiles for all their strains. I mean, you really can’t get this kind of assurance about a product these daze.

We’re living in an amazing time in history. Where we can build a health focused menu for ourselves devoid of opiates or medications resulting in long term bodily effects. My suggestion for cannabis consumers is to find a reputable shop, push budtenders for information regarding terpene reports and what they mean, and finding the highest quality products available on the market. After all, we’re talking about a plant here. Not chemicals. Keep loving yourself and forgo the unwanted exhaustion that seasonal changes can bring.

Thanks for reading!


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