An Afternoon with Emma Chasen

Sitting before me was the tenacious, vibrant, Emma Chasen. Emma has became a staple of education in the cannabis community over the last few years and has been seen on the covers of magazines, heard on podcasts, and been privy to dropping in on dispensaries with an education agenda. A native New Yorker, Chasen decided to uproot her life to focus on her dreams of studying plant medicine at Brown University. Which unfortunately, is an institution that still has barriers to studying cannabis. After some soul searching and positive experiences with a few brilliant minded cannabis consumers, she decided to figure out what all the hype was about; a choice that totally changed her pathway in the world. “I’m a fluid human being who can change who I am and what I believe in”, Emma explains her personal growth and awareness matter-of-factly, a skill that many never quite master. After graduating with a specialized biology degree in medicinal plant research (i ran out of breath trying to say that in one go), she moved out to the PNW to throw her hand into the ground breaking cannabis industry. After previously being part of Sativa Science Club, Chasen decided it was time to create her own pathway to her audience. Currently, she runs her own personal brand, a self created educator & consulting business, under what better name than, Emma Chasen. Ya know those insane science terms that make your eyes roll back and have you speaking in tongues? Yeah, this is the women you want to help you decipher them. Another term she likes to use to explain her brand is a “science performer” in the sense that she bridges the gap between the scientists and the general public. Emma holds classes all over the state for breakdowns on the science behind cannabis.

In the current market, it's a dog eat dog world and only the best will survive. By educating staff, dispensaries, farms and processors, businesses are staying current in the market and are able to give their patients and clients the best medicinal and recreational practices. Because how better to break down stigmas than by teaching/ learning what you’re actually ingesting.

But what is Emma’s views on women in the industry? I had to know.

All I had previously heard was praise over the grandeur sweep femininity was making over the industry. Left and right articles are celebrating their successes and budding businesses. But there’s another opinion on what the market is showing us. According to Emma, we are still seeing the same abysmally low numbers as other industries (17-20%). “They’re gaslighting women to just be happy. Women need to realize we still don’t have the same equal opportunities as men.” MJBiz Daily shows percentages of women in executive positions down 9.1% since 2015 (1).

Emma’s fierce dedication to being a successful woman is motivational to say the least. She also advocates for what she calls “True Collaboration”. I’ve previously blogged about Collaboration vs. Competitiveness so this sparked my interests. She goes on to explain that true collaboration is where women aren’t just being nice to each other to keep tabs. They are motivated to build each others legacy through trade of services with the purest of intentions. Women have been bred to feel competitive towards each other, and as we move into a more collaborative mindset, we have to stay aware to leave those negative intentions behind.

How has being a woman in the industry affected her choices?

“I used to jump at every opportunity presented to me, worried there wouldn’t be another,” Emma explains, unraveling societal influences that have been placed upon her. With such a small success rate, it's understandable that women tend to overcompensate in their work, rarely asking for what they deserve or “pushing their luck” and spreading themselves too thin to function. Luckily, breaking out of her shell did Emma wonders because she no longer feels “moving mountains” is necessary to be successful person. Although she’s doing that anyways.

Favorite Farms-

Ananda Farms

Pilot Farms

High Noon Cultivation

Favorite Edibles-

Peak Extracts

If you’d like to follow or book Emma for events, education OR true collaboration, head over to her instagram (@echasen) or email her at



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