The Rise of Stoneware Company

The Rise of Stoneware Company

I sat down with the charming owner and creator of Stoneware Company, Ariel, to ask her a few questions about the cannabis industry and her products. Stoneware Company has taken the Instagram market by storm racking up over 21.9k followers. The geometrically aesthetic pipes Ariel creates have been popping up all over the cannabis scene in the hands of the cannelites and seen adorning tables at Tokeativity & Ladies of Paradise parties.

-What is your brand’s purpose?

Stoneware Company aims to provide a personal creative outlet for Ariel while bringing others enjoyment in their smoking experience. She hopes to, and currently is, playing a part for women in the industry, showing just how far a woman-owned company can soar above the competition. What’s driving her currently is enabling women in the industry, which just helps to make her feel more powerful and driven. You’re feeling it too, right!

-So, why so aesthetic?

You can tell from looking at the cutting edge pieces Ariel produces, these aren’t the crushed cans and apples you smoked out of in high school. Gold, matte black, reds, floral print, berries and moroccan designs have been seen adorning the highly seeked out pieces. “I want to elevate the industry.” Ariel doesn’t fit the typical “stoner vibe” and coming from a design and art background, has set out to bring a more original idea to the cannabis scene.

-If you could inspire anything in the industry, what would it be?

Besides elevating the cannabis industries aesthetic quality, it is incredibly important to Ariel that she creates a brand that is inclusive to people of color and women. I followed up with Ariel about what this means to Stoneware Company and I received a overwhelmingly active list of standards Stoneware Company has set.

Philanthropy within Stonedware

In 2016, Stoneware Company created and sold Bernie Sanders inspired pipes to help fund his presidential campaign. They were able to donate $2700 (max campaign contribution) to the Sanders campaign and donated an additional $6,000 to Planned Parenthood.

Over the course of their rise, Stonedware has donated an additional $4,000 to Planned Parenthood.


“Stonedware strives to give employment opportunities to woman and POC whenever possible. Currently all employees and subcontractors fall under one of these two categories.” - Ariel

Community involvement

Stoneware isn’t just a product, they are also actively involved in the community.The goal is to be apart of community events that focus on social outreach. You’ll catch Ariel at Tokeativity events and collaborating with the women focused group. Stoneware also participated in Saint Cloud Fest, a festival focused on celebrating the cannabis market and Portland craft culture whose proceeds were donated to the Minority Cannabis Business Association and Marley Natural’s Rise Up! Expungement Services, a service working to clear cannabis charges from criminal records.

The future is also looking charitable for Stoneware Company. Next on the agenda is working on the upcoming Diem-sponsored event focused on women in cannabis, with the main focus pertaining to building support for women that are the victims/survivors of sexual harassment and violence. Ariel will also further expand her list of donations and is looking to start an internship program for at risk youth looking for career placement opportunities in the next coming months.

-Where do you see cannabis regulation going?

Immediately, Ariel brings up the social justice side of regulations: Prison Reform. According to the ACLU, 52% of drug arrests in 2010 were for cannabis. In fact, the police force made an arrest every 37 seconds that year. Although outdated statistics, many of those same people have records because of those arrests. As cannabis regulation continues, Ariel predicts those people will have the opportunity for justice in the new found age of cannabis.

-What are some of your favorite brands in the industry?

Drip Sweet’s Gem edibles

Wyld Canna edibles

Serra products

-Who empowers you?

Lisa & Sam from Tokeativity, Ladies of Paradise, MJ Lifestyle, Windy Borman from Mary Janes: The Women of Weed film.

Brendon the Blob

-Anything else you’d like to say?

“That I’m always down to collaborate and talk art!”

Thanks for sharing, Ariel!

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