4 Types of Content Your Brand Needs

One of the toughest questions to answer in a social media driven age is what type of content your brand should be posting. While it's easy to get your aesthetic very wrong, it can also be easy to get it right!

Here at Dopeafide, we use a combination of photos in our aesthetic and we suggest our clients do the same. By creating a flowing aesthetic, the eye is drawn to every post instead of just one or two that stand out. This technique promises lower bounce rates and more engagements on each of your photos.

We've broken down what those photos should be.

1.) Product

This probably seems incredibly obvious, but a lot of brands don't give their products the face they deserve. Product photos should be innovative, use a variety of colors and textures that draw the eye in and prevents the constant scrolling followers are plagued with. To give your product the best opportunity for success, make sure the exposure (lighting) is strong, but not harsh. Remember that it is better to shoot a little dark than too bright. Photos can always be edited brighter, but if you shoot too bright, details will be lost and the photo will blow out. Products should be examined, wiped off and you should select the best of your packaging (free of dings or scratches). A lot of issues can be fixed while editing, but it will save you time and money to prep your surfaces and products beforehand.

The Lab Oregon

2.) Lifestyle

After product, this is the most important theme your feed should have. Why? Because if someone can't envision themselves using your products, they will not buy it! Lifestyle photos show ordinary people (and sometimes celebrities) using your products in their daily lives. These photos could be seasonal (a bonus for engagements) and/ or further your brand. Whether you focus on being active, fashionable. or artistic, you can incorporate lifestyle photos to clarify what your brand is and why people should use it.

Ryan Romano, Lacey Hines, and Brooklyn Walsh for The Marygold Collection

3.) Facility/ Farm

Oregon is a different market in the sense that we want to know what's cooking and where it is cooked. Followers don't just want to feel involved, they want to see where you make what they're buying! Including photos of your facility or farm works to create a story for your company, shows the inner workings of your staff, and it proves there isn't little elves trimming those delightful buds but real people like the ones your selling to.

Paschal Farms

4.) Headshots

While personal staff posts may be far and few between, every once in a while it's great to recognize who is helping to fuel your company. Once followers get a feel for who you are and what your products stand for, they should get acquainted with your staff! Posting headshots on your website or social media adds to your brand by creating closer connections to your followers and boosting moral when you highlight a hard worker.

Are you tired of your brand falling flat on social media? Do you want to post content that connects with customers and creates revenue? Schedule a free consultation with us today!

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