How to Build Your Network: Turn Followers into Clients

Networking is the hardest task for most businesses to incorporate into their daily to-do's which will lead to sales either prospering or failing. While networking can be a daunting task, we're going to provide you with a few key steps and potentially, a perception shift that will cause your business to rise above the others. For a lot of businesses, sales and brand loyalty don't really take off until this necessary step is taken.

Models: Lacey Hines and Brooklyn Walsh

1. Get Involved

- What are your interests? How do they intersect with your business? While you may really enjoy tap dancing, a group geared towards tap dancing may grow your friends group, but most likely not your business. Find groups whose members who can benefit from having you and you from having them and join, get involved, sign up for events, and reply back to comments and posts from the members. Go boldly, my friends!

2. Be intentional

- This is the most vital step to growing the right network for your business. Be intentional with who you give your energy and for how long. You only have so much time in the day to make intentional connections and by asking these vital questions, you can find the right people to grow your business. Who is your brand's target market? Who will buy your products? Do they have friends who will also buy your products?

Envision people after they use your products... what do they do? Where do they go? Once you get a clear vision for WHO you are looking to connect with, find those people and make an intentional connection with them.

Another great tactic to keep you organized is to make an ongoing list of all the people you would like to work, connect, or meet. Set a goal each week to connect with 5- 10 people from the list. Go like their post, give them a comment, and even better... invite them to coffee!

It can be terrifying to push yourself out of a comfort zone when it comes to personal relationships, but the pay off for doing so could determine whether your business has a $5,000 year or a $50,000 year! people purchase from brands and people they trust. They are willing to go the extra mile for you because you've taken the time to show that you care about them as well.

4. Maintaining Relationships

-You've worked sooo hard to build these relationships, so why lose them? Here at Dopeafide, we keep a running list of our connections, previous clients, and friends. We make sure to reach back out every once in a while to reconnect and we suggest you do the same.

Even if someone doesn't buy your products immediately, don't give up on them. I repeat, don't give up on them! It takes a long time to build up trust in a product before a purchase actually takes place and sometimes, it's right after you're going to give up on a relationship that they are ready to buy. Reach out and reconnect every few weeks and make sure your page lets them know why they need your brand. A constant relationship will turn strangers into friends and friends into clients.

3. Host an event

-Whether you just have coffee with a few potential clients, or an open house for your business, inviting others into your space not only gives you the home field advantage, but also allows you to create an impactful guest list, allows those connections to see what you create and how, and most importantly, it allows you to share the culture of your company and create a feeling of family.

By taking these necessary steps, your business will grow exponentially. Relationships are the building blocks of your bank account and by making intentional connections with the right audience, you will take you business from the bottom line to a front liner.

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