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A project that explores the intersectionality of women in cannabis. We see the world through a unique lens, one shaped by our identity which affects our opportunities, experiences, and growth. The focus for Dopeafide for Women's History Month was to explore different lenses by photographing 12 women in Portland, Oregon and collected writings based on their personal experiences. We prompted our participants to tell their stories and bring an item that empowered them. We are honored to share their stories with you today.

Photo by Dopeafide 2020

Today we highlight Casey O'Keefe, sales manager for Quill and cannabusiness woman.


Consider what cannabis meant to you ten years ago and how it affected your life then vs. today. What does your day to day life look like now? Is cannabis a consistent part of it? Is it not? How does your gender, race, class, and age affect your cannabis use and the opportunities you are presented in the industry? What do you hope for you future.

Casey O'Keefe:

For years I dealt with sleepless nights and the remnants of postpartum mood disorders after the birth of my first child in a non-legal state. I was excited to move to Oregon, right after recreation went legal, so I could try cannabis as a way to ease my symptoms. Not only did cannabis give me a way to fall asleep and stay less anxious, it also helped tremendously with empowering me as a mother and partner by giving me this part of my life back. I have become more in touch with my sensuality and sexual self through cannabis too, which has strengthened all aspects of my mental, physical, and emotional health and identity.

As a cisgendered white woman working in cannabis, I recognize the privilege I have working with a plant that continues to be used to incarcerate and punish BIPOC. As a person who likes to be loud, I want to use my voice to better our industry by speaking up when I see injustice, inequality, and opportunities to change things for the better. I hope to start a worker’s rights organization with many voices at the table to form a cohesive and inclusive united front to make tangible change for the future.

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