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A project that explores the intersectionality of women in cannabis. We see the world through a unique lens, one shaped by our identity which affects our opportunities, experiences, and growth. The focus for Dopeafide for Women's History Month was to explore different lenses by photographing 12 women in Portland, Oregon and collected writings based on their personal experiences. We prompted our participants to tell their stories and bring an item that empowered them. We are honored to share their stories with you today.

Today we highlight Krista Browning, of Slight Vision Studio, entrepreneur and cannabusiness woman.


Consider what cannabis meant to you ten years ago and how it affected your life then vs. today. What does your day to day life look like now? Is cannabis a consistent part of it? Is it not? How does your gender, race, class, and age affect your cannabis use and the opportunities you are presented in the industry? What do you hope for you future.

Krista Browning:

When I was little, my father grew weed for himself and some friends in the garage while my mom worked as a deputy for the Douglas Co Sheriff’s dept in Southern Oregon. Flash forward 40 years and here I am, selling it legally in my home-state.

The legalization of cannabis brought not only an industry in which I have developed a career in, but also a community in which I have become lovingly involved with. I have had the beautiful honor of representing some of the greatest companies our industry has to offer as well as learn from the pain of its growth. The community has filled my life with people that are now my close friends and family. Some of these people are even considered my “competition” out there in the field as we all covet dispensary accounts to sell our products to. Instead, we collaborate and support one another. This strengthens our community and industry as a whole. We can lean on each other during the savage times and congratulate each other when amazing things happens! It has truly been an incredible journey to be a part of and I hope to continue until I retire to an art studio and a cabin in the woods somewhere along the Rogue River with my tiny greenhouse filled with Romulan and Gelato 33.

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