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A project that explores the intersectionality of women in cannabis. We see the world through a unique lens, one shaped by our identity which affects our opportunities, experiences, and growth. The focus for Dopeafide for Women's History Month was to explore different lenses by photographing 12 women in Portland, Oregon and collected writings based on their personal experiences. We prompted our participants to tell their stories and bring an item that empowered them. We are honored to share their stories with you today.

Photo by Dopeafide 2020

Today we highlight Lauren Short, owner and creator of, entrepreneur and cannabusiness woman.


Consider what cannabis meant to you ten years ago and how it affected your life then vs. today. What does your day to day life look like now? Is cannabis a consistent part of it? Is it not? How does your gender, race, class, and age affect your cannabis use and the opportunities you are presented in the industry? What do you hope for you future.

Lauren Short:

Cannabis has held just about the same level of importance for over ten years of my life, and my privilege with access to this plant and acceptability in a community has changed significantly. I consume daily but I don’t feel alone or shamed.  My bond with cannabis became cemented when I was in college and struggling with figuring out my direction. I felt that I continued to run into social and societal barriers that put me at a disadvantage for pursuing my passions. Smoking provided me a sense of ease and helped me navigate these situations. I never would have guessed that it would have been the path that has provided so much personal, spiritual, and professional growth with. I am beyond grateful for the wisdom and job opportunities I have gained working in this industry while still recognizing how much so many have sacrificed throughout our history because of this plant.

The current freedom we have with cannabis is a result of the passion of so many. I feel that it is my responsibility to continue to fight for normalization and equality. My positions of leadership have been given to me because of my work in cannabis, and I want to do what I can to keep more doors open for women and cannabis advocates. I hope to continue to do projects that push creative boundaries while shattering stigmas and building understanding between outside industries.

And above all else, I want to help other people feel loved and know they are not alone.

Photo by Dopeafide 2020

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