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A project that explores the intersectionality of women in cannabis. We see the world through a unique lens, one shaped by our identity which affects our opportunities, experiences, and growth. The focus for Dopeafide for Women's History Month was to explore different lenses by photographing 12 women in Portland, Oregon and collected writings based on their personal experiences. We prompted our participants to tell their stories and bring an item that empowered them. We are honored to share their stories with you today.

Photo by Dopeafide 2020

Today we highlight Tara Phillips, Co-owner & creator of Phillips Field, cannabusiness woman.


Consider what cannabis meant to you ten years ago and how it affected your life then vs. today. What does your day to day life look like now? Is cannabis a consistent part of it? Is it not? How does your gender, race, class, and age affect your cannabis use and the opportunities you are presented in the industry? What do you hope for you future.

Tara Phillips:

Ten years ago, as I tended my medical plants in my basement, I never imagined that I would be growing cannabis recreationally. I'm not sure if I even imagined that cannabis would grow recreationally. I also didn't see a whole lot of representation of womxn in the industry, much less minority womxn. It seemed, then, that the most common way to witness female representation was in combination with marketing, by combining women's sexual expression with a sales pitch. I love seeing that women are still using their agency and their sexuality to bring forth love and awareness to cannabis, and I also appreciate how the last 10 years has opened doors for women to be represented in the industry in a myriad of terms. The diverse expression of womxn in the industry has been so beautiful to witness, as it allows us to reclaim so much of our innate power and wisdom, and creates platforms for us to share with others and continue the cycle of empowerment.

Fast forward to today, and I have sustained a blossoming business with my mom, where we nurture plants on the same soil that nurtured me from infancy into young adulthood. The ability to provide Oregonians with the product that I infuse so much of my love and essence into is humbling. The opportunity to support and celebrate minority women in business is an absolute honor. I am beyond blessed to be a part of such a wonderful and inclusive community.

Photo by Dopeafide 2020

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